More than 50 thousand marching to Change the Rules in Melbourne

More than 50 thousand people are expected to fill the streets of Melbourne tomorrow (9/05/2018). Usual traffic will be brought to a halt by a sea of working Victorians demanding change.

Marchers will assemble for a 10am start at Victorian Trades Hall Council on the corner of Victoria and Lygon streets, and from 10.30am will start marching towards the Magistrates Court on William Street. The march will then proceed to the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets.

Traffic in the city is likely to be disrupted from 9am – 1pm as more than 50,000 Victorians call for political change.

Quotes attributable, Luke Hilakari:

“This many people don’t take mass action every day, and we don’t take it without a very good reason. The rules aren’t working for working people. Ordinary people don’t feel that Malcolm Turnbull is listening. So we are using people power, we are forcing the politicians and big business to listen.

“Over 50,000 people marching peacefully through the city is something the politicians can’t ignore. This is the people of Victoria saying enough: something must change”.

“Tonight, Malcolm Turnbull will hand down an election budget that will include tax cuts for big business and cuts to the vital public services that working people rely on. That’s not what people want. We want good, secure jobs, quality education and training, and a world class public healthcare system. Australia needs a pay rise; we need wages that sustain a family and we need women’s work to be valued equally. We demand laws that keep workers safe on the job. We want our penalty rates back. And we need an industrial relations system that puts the power back in workers’ hands. Malcolm Turnbull doesn’t get it, and that’s why he’s got to go”.

“Tomorrow, working people are standing up and fighting back. We’re going to change the rules”

March itinerary

9.45am - In front of the 8 Hour Day Monument (Cnr Russel and Victoria Streets): Media conference with Victorian Trades Hall Council Secretary Luke Hilakari

10.15am Outside Trades Hall (Cnr Lygon and Victoria Streets): Welcome to country and speeches including Luke Hilakari

11.15am Outside Magistrates Court (233 William Street): Speeches including ETU Victoria State Secretary Troy Gray and Plumbers Union State Secretary Earl Setches

12.20pm Intersection Flinders and Swantson Streets: Speeches including ACTU Secretary Sally McManus and workers from ESSO Longford and early childhood education

1pm - End of rally

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