Big budget backs workers

A budget that is focused on jobs and addressing social inequity is what Victoria needs to build back better.

Amongst the budget’s significant announcements that matter to workers: 

  • $5.3 billion for social housing 
  • $5 million for a secure work pilot program to provide casual workers with sick leave and carers leave provisions 
  • $169.6 million for universal free Kinder for Victorian 4 year olds 
  • $619 to continue the Jobs for Victoria scheme, including $150 million for women workers 
  • $4.2 billion for the suburban rail and Geelong fast rail 

Quotes attributable to Luke Hilakari, Secretary, Victorian Trades Hall Council 

“On a day with zero active cases, this budget recognises the hard work of Victorians beating coronavirus and sets out a plan to rebuild in 2021.” 

“The Government needed to spend money to help Victoria recover from the pandemic. And we are pleased that the budget is squarely focussed on getting Victorians back to work in and lays out a pathway to create 400,000 jobs.” 

The budget will not only act as an economic stimulus, but provide enormous social benefit to the entire Victorian community.” 

This is a budget with purpose and a social conscienceIt tackles some of the problems that our state has for too long regarded as impossible to solve. It explicitly makes room for people at the margins, especially those who need a home or those that are excluded from employment opportunities.”  

"In addition to provision for including women workers in the big infrastructure builds, there is $150 million in funding that will help place women into work.” 

“This pandemic has shown the flaws with the proliferation of casual work. We welcome a pilot sick leave scheme that will deliver for the first time 5 days sick leave for casual workers. This will we mean that many casual workers can have a day of leave to look after themselves or a sick child. 

“We welcome funding for new hospitals and schools, that will support working families. 

“This budget stands in stark contrast to the Federal Government’s lacklustre pandemic response, which promised taxpayer funding for second bathroom renovations but none for social housing; roads that women may drive on but no path out of family violence.”  

“In a difficult year, this budget gives us all confidence as we enter 2021.” 


Media contact: Edwina Bryne, VTHC Media & Communication Lead – 0409 017 140 

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