Safe apprenticeships

We think of an apprenticeship as making a start in a trade or industry you love – setting you on the path to a rewarding career. But these days, apprenticeships can be like the wild-west, with cowboy operators using and abusing apprentices, stealing their wages, and denying them proper training. Worst of all, many apprentices are put into dangerous situations without supervision, putting lives at risk. 


After these cowboys drive one apprentice away from the industry, they can sign up to get another one the very next year!  

It’s gotten so bad that more than half of Victorian apprentices are being driven away from the trades they love, and never complete their training.

Enough’s enough. Apprentices, trainees, and tradies from every industry are standing together to demand safe apprenticeships and good jobs. 

We want an apprentice license to prevent the cowboys from putting apprentices at risk, and to show that good bosses have met their responsibilities.   

Our industry will be better off when we can ditch the cowboys, and support our apprentices to be safe, trained, and job-ready. 

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