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10 Dec
12pm -
We are marching together on Sunday to reaffirm our solidarity with...
State Library Victoria - near the James Joyce Seat of Learning (on the Little Lonsdale Street side of the lawn)
328 Swanston St, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia,
14 Dec
3pm -
For over 150 years, women have been organising in Victoria's Trades...
Trades Hall
54 Victoria St, Carlton, VIC 3053, Australia,
14 Dec
4pm -
Injured Workers Support Network Campaign Group This is the meeting for...
19 Dec
4pm -
Come along to the Injured Workers Support Network social hangout. This...

December 08, 2023

Do you have a right to political expression or "free speech" at work? Can you be disciplined or fired for your political beliefs? It's complicated.

November 23, 2023

All employers have a legal responsibility (under the OHS Act) to...

November 15, 2023

This act may seem like a small gesture, but it is...


We stand united as part of a great movement of workers.

Our diversity is our strength.
Our solidarity is our power.

We respect and take care of each other.
Prejudice and discrimination – including misogyny, racism, homophobia and all other hatreds have no place in our movement.

We rise together.

Today and every day we commit ourselves to achieving justice, fairness, equality and dignity for all workers.

Solidarity forever.


Every donation helps in the fight to ensure every working has the secure job and living wage that we all deserve.
We have a world to win!