We need to overhaul 457s, not rename them

The impact of 457 visas on work in this country has been huge. The scheme has undercut wages for hundreds of thousands of workers, been a risk to health and safety, and undermined a genuine commitment to skills and training across the board when Australia needs it most. But Malcolm Turnbull’s rebadging of the system will do nothing to address its shortfalls; whether it will prove as politically popular as the Prime Minister is hoping is doubtful.


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We are not at the endpoint of history

In the backlash to ACTU Secretary Sally McManus’ comments on the 7.30 report, most commentators have grudgingly acknowledged that throughout history, it has been necessary and just to break the law to achieve positive change, and that indeed these instances are moments of immense cultural and historical pride. 

The Eureka Stockade, the fight for Equal Pay, the protests against the war in Vietnam, the first Mardi Gras, Green bans, Apartheid boycotts, Wave Hill; all of these involved acts of civil disobedience, and defiance of bad laws. But even as commentators acknowledge this historical reality, they are quick to assert that we have “moved past” the days when laws had to be broken to achieve change.

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Victory for the CUB 55

180 days after 55 Carlton United Brewery maintenance workers were greedily sacked and offered their jobs back at a 65% pay cut, they're back at work! The 55 return to secure jobs, on the same pay and improved conditions. 

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5 ways to build a better world this month

If you woke up this morning marvelling at how a billionaire hate-carrot got elected President of the USA yesterday, and despairing at what that means for working people, racial justice, and gender equality, despair no more!


The best cure for your sense of hopelessness is to take action with other awesome activists. And luckily, there are HEAPS of ways to do that in just the next few weeks. Here are a few!

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Letter to the Editor, the Australian

Dear Editor

Your description of Victorian unions’ world-leading introduction of domestic and family violence leave as “generous” is a wilful mischaracterisation of important workplace reform.

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Insurers celebrate human misery

Gerald lost his arm while working as a machine operator on a rock crusher. It was traumatic, he said, but not as bad as dealing with the WorkCover insurance agents ever since.

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Scabby, Dinos, and Equal Pay

Scabby the rat makes his Oz debut, Allied Health members escape a Jurassic career structure, and Early Childhood Educators thunderclap for Equal Pay.

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Insecure work inquiry

Over 600 Victorians have taken up the opportunity to tell their stories of labour-hire, casualisation, and insecure work.

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Community rallies around local seafarers

5 (other) super messed up things about the Productivity Commission’s Draft Report


The big news about the Productivity Commission’s draft report has been the attack on Sunday Penalty Rates. That’s not surprising –4.2million Australians work on Sundays, and cuts to Sunday pay in the retail and hospitality industries will almost certainly trickle through to others.

But in case you didn’t get around to reading the 1000 page report because you were, you know, working, here’s a brief overview of some of the other nasties it contains for working Australians. 

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We Volunteers

We Are Union!

We are a movement of people standing together for a just and equitable Victoria where:

  • all people are respected and valued, 
  • all working people are organised, safe, and winning at work

We organise our communities to build support for union industrial and social campaigns, and we're excited to have you on board.